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      M&S Accessory Network is a tech accessory manufacturing company. Our mission is simple; Provide high quality products at affordable prices. M&S was founded based on customer feedback. Over the past 40+ years we have been operating a chain of family owed electronic outlets throughout the Northeast. Customers would come in and ask us for a way to keep their screens clean and protected, unfortunately, we had nothing for them. We then purchased TV screen cleaners for them to use however, those did not work well, they would leave lint and streaks all over their phones. That's when we decided to launch our own brand, ScreenCleen. We wanted to come up with a product line that would keep screens clean and protected. We have since launched GabbaGoods, which has helped expand our product line to cases, headphones, speakers, #TheSelfie®, screen protectors, chargers, power banks and more! We continue to build on that product line daily.

Till today, we still value customer feedback and believe that it is vital to the health and growth of the company and the future of the electronic industry as a whole.