Apple MFi Certified 2.4 Amp Wall Charger with 4 Foot Cable

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GabbaGoods Apple MFi Certified 2-piece lightning charger kit for all Apple products (Lightning) is designed to fit and work perfectly wih your Apple device. Simply plug the cable into your phone and plug the USB connection to the USB port to charge your phone. You can use the USB Cable to sync your data to your computer or laptop as well. This high quality, high speed (2.4 AMP) cable guarantees a fast transmission rate for faster data exchanges and charging. The USB connector is the standard USB connector that is found on your computer, wall chargers, car chargers, and other electronics. This chargeris also compatible with all Apple products.

- 2.4 Amp Apple Certified wall charger is the perfect charger for all your Apple devices. The 2.4 Amp allows for a rapid charge for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

- The included cable is 4 feet long compared to the original 3 foot cable, allowing you to use it from a distance while charging

- 2 peice kit allows you to take the cable with you or use the wall head to charger other non-Apple devices