GG-BTPR (TrueBuds Pro) FAQs & User Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most asked questions


I only hear out of one Earbud!

In order to get your Truebuds working properly please follow the below steps to pair both earbuds to each other. . 

  1. Turn on both ear buds at same time until you see a flashing blue light, then release.
  2. Press the left ear for 2-3 seconds then release it. This should pair both earbuds together. (if this doesn’t work please try the same process on the right earbud)
  3. Go into your phone's Bluetooth settings and connect to the Truebuds.
  4. Please also make sure that the left earbud is sitting comfortably in the charging case allowing it to be pressed down onto the charging pins at the bottom of the cradle.


Truebuds will not take a charge

Please follow the below steps to make sure you are charging the TrueBuds correctly:

  1. When you plug in the cradle to charge, the blue lights in the front of the case will be blinking, when all four lights are lit up the cradle is fully charged.
  2. Once charged, unplug the cradle and put your earbuds inside (the cradle will only charge the earbuds when unplugged), press the middle button and close the cradle. The truebuds will light red when they are charging and turn Blue when complete.
  3. To confirm that they have charged, hold down the function button on the truebuds for several seconds while holding the Truebud close to your ear. The Truebud will say "Power On" to indicate it has turned on.