Gamer Pros Slide on Rechargeable Battery Pack for Meta Quest 1 & 2
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Oculus Quest 2 Accessories: this Oculus Quest 2 battery pack equipped with customized capacity 3350mAh battery, provide you extra 1.5 hours play time even without the oculus quest 2 charger, equipped with 4 indicators to show the battery level, offering you a better virtual reality experience.

Product Safe Certification: the quest 2 battery pack have passed safety certification test. Temperature protection and short circuit protection ensure you a safe VR playing experience, every battery you get was tested for charging and discharging, no more safety concerns under normal use

Extend VR gaming time - Gabba Goods 3350mAh high capacity, you can get an extra 2-4 hours of gaming time with Quest 2 battery pack. You can continue to play without worrying about Quest 2 pausing the game due to low battery power.

Lightweight and Compact: It’s compact, with the weight of 3.5oz, will not let you feel weight increase or the pressure on your face, grasp VR headset firmly, you can move freely no worrying of imbalance on headset and the battery pack slide

Reliable Design Avoid Falling: at the back of power bank equipped with soft rubber bracket slot, this safe design ensure you without worrying it slides even when shakes violently while playing the game

Vendor: Gamer Pros
Type: Gaming Accessory
Barcode: 840286402323
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