Delia's 12in Ultra-Light LED Ring Light and Phone Holder
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Delia's 12in Ultra-Light LED Ring Light and Phone Holder – a must-have tool for anyone seeking to enhance their photography, videography, or content creation game. Elevate your lighting setup and capture stunning visuals with this versatile and compact ring light.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Lighting: The 12-inch LED ring light provides soft, flattering illumination that minimizes shadows and enhances your subjects' features. Say goodbye to harsh lighting and hello to professional-grade visuals.

  2. Adjustable Brightness: Tailor your lighting to perfection. With multiple brightness levels and color temperature adjustments, you have complete control over your lighting environment, allowing you to achieve the ideal lighting for any situation.

  3. Sturdy Phone Holder: The included phone holder is designed to securely grip your smartphone while you work. It's adjustable, accommodating various phone sizes, ensuring you can frame your shots effortlessly.

  4. 360-Degree Rotatable: The ring light and phone holder are both fully adjustable, offering 360-degree rotation. This flexibility allows you to capture photos and videos from any angle, whether you're shooting vertically or horizontally.

  5. USB-Powered: Say goodbye to batteries and power cords. The ring light is USB-powered, compatible with a range of devices, from laptops to power banks, ensuring that you can keep the light shining, even on the go.

  6. Ultra-Light and Portable: The ring light's ultra-lightweight design makes it easy to transport and set up wherever your creativity takes you. Perfect for travel, home studios, or on-location shoots.

  7. Multi-Purpose: Whether you're a content creator, makeup artist, or simply want better lighting for your selfies, this ring light is a versatile tool that elevates the quality of your photos and videos.

Elevate Your Visuals:

Delia's 12in Ultra-Light LED Ring Light and Phone Holder isn't just a lighting accessory; it's a gateway to stunning visuals. Elevate your photography and videography, enhance your online presence, and ensure that your content shines brighter than ever before.

Brighten up your visuals – order the Delia's 12in Ultra-Light LED Ring Light and Phone Holder today and step into a world of professional-grade lighting. Whether you're a creative professional or an aspiring influencer, this compact and versatile ring light is designed to illuminate your talents and make your content shine.

Vendor: Delia's
Type: Ring Light
Barcode: 810002178443
Weight::  3.0 lb